Saturday, April 28, 2012

me, some ducks & dad

via Design*Sponge
One minute I am admiring this photo on Design*Sponge of these lovely masketeers ducks flying at Matt and Kathy Allison's house.  The next thing you know, I'm looking at a picture of myself and Dad at my Aunt Anita's house in Florida (ca. 1979) with the same ducks flying overhead! 

via Mom's closet

Dad still retains the enviable ability to strike the perfect pose for the camera (if not perfect from the point of view of the photographer)! I want to get some of those ducks! 


  1. The ducks, the plant, the butterflies and the typewriter all together - I wish I had an eye like that.

    And they are the SAME ducks that are on Design*Sponge? Cool! Like wood paneling, avocado colored furniture and matching lampshade cool!

  2. Well they aren't the VERY same ducks, but very very similar! Just thought to send this link to my Aunt! :)