Friday, May 04, 2012

Dinner Party

This is a little morsel I whipped up under the inspiration of Nick and George Rossi (respectively Primo and Segundo) and their wonderful, hilarious, inspiring, tasty, lovable and loving creation of You Eat What I Cook You.  They are graciously inviting all of us not only to share in the secrets of some mouth-watering family recipes, but also to participate in a virtual dinner party with unlimited capacity. Here, food and wine aren't the only ingredients, and all are welcome to go along for the ride. 

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From the YouTube page: 
"As a direct descendant of Neapolitan fishermen, Nick Rossi knows a thing or two about Italian 'Peasant Cuisine'. As the last owner and operator of the family business, PROCINO & ROSSI Brand Pasta Products, he and his ancestors were directly responsible for the mass manufacturing of old world pasta products that provided a staple to literally millions of Italian Americans in the North East throughout most of the 20th Century.

These are the recipes he has taught his children and grandchildren how to prepare, and that he still prepares; serving them up and sharing them with friends and family in his home for over 86 years on planet earth. It's the family voodoo stew;

This is the secret alchemy, and it's an honor to share these closely guarded family secrets with you."

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