Saturday, June 30, 2012

birds, a rough house & kitties

Three days ago I decided the birds were finished. There's always a part of me that struggles with the idea of a 'finished piece'. It's altogether likely that the abstract idea of perfectionism in art and the sometimes elusive, instinctual and altogether intimidating concept of THE FINISHED is what delayed me doing for such a time what I've longed to be doing.  I hesitate to use the "should" word. I really do believe that the "should" word is a very dangerous one, even inappropriate or *gasp* WRONG to use in relation to any creative endevour. The "should" word to me has long been a proverbial 4-letter word. If it passes my lips, so does a sharp suspicion of my intention. An excuse to do what others expect? An excuse to follow the status quo? An exuse NOT to be adventurous, take a risk, do something untrendy or expose yourself as vulnerable? "Should" is obligation. And to what or whom? ... So goes the inner dialogue. It wasn't so much a matter of "should" these birds be finished, as that question has no real answer in relation to remaining true to myself... but accepting that even though it looks rough, like a sketch or doodle-like, I simply didn't want to attempt to 'improve' it when I like how it is and for fear of the improvement losing its seemingly innate appeal. Philosophical? Yes. So what? 

 Years ago I might never had painted the Rough House Blue, let alone post in a public place to  be devoured, criticized or loved (not that any of this is happening at the moment, as I don't get much in the way of traffic around these parts!) -- and I CERTAINLY would not have listed it for sale as I did yesterday on Etsy! Rough it is, and love it I do.

Nor would I ever have dared to doodle freely and post the results for the world to see (if they cared to look). Kitties, kittens, cats. A new painting/drawing in the works.

Thoughts please! Happy Saturday! 


  1. I hope your dad comments on here :D
    nice pics too ;)

  2. hmmmmm. will kitty be done by the time Mr. Greene arrives?? I love your latest bird pic!

  3. Not sure... and not sure what shape the kitties will take on paper yet. And thank you! Yeah the birds grow on me more and more. :)

  4. Think it's agreed - dem birds is a-finished...and cute they are, too. x

    1. :) thanks elizabeth! I took them "off the block" so I think they are! :)