Tuesday, June 26, 2012

doggies etc. and brightness problems

With a few minutes to spare on Sunday I found myself sitting at my picnic table in the garden repeatedly doodling little doggie-shaped heads and liking the result (one of the sheets above). Some were more rabbit-like and some bunny and kitty-like, but it didn't matter. I bought some fluorescent paints earlier in the day in London and was eager to try them out, so I did a quick painting Monday morning. All good? 

Well, kind of. I took a pic with my camera Monday morning which showed the fluorescent pretty well (pic above), but when I scanned it this morning? ... not so nice or even remotely accurate (left, as if you couldn't tell). The last thing I'd want is a bright shiny painting to look massively dull! No idea how to get the fluorescent colour to come out with my scanner and playing around with levels, tones etc doesn't seem to do a stitch of good. For posting online it's no problem, but if I want to create prints of paintings with  fluorescent, this poses a massive problem.

Always a learning curve this creative stuff! 


  1. Color always gives me trouble too when I'm transferring to digital or even some of my photos. Learning curve, always!
    Love the sketches. :)

  2. Thanks Molly. Yeah, I've learned a lot about calibration, printer profiles etc. and was feeling relatively confident. leave it to me to introduce fluorescent to the mix! :)

  3. I love that you painted over your cute doodles! I wish I could sit at the picnic table with you and doodle and maybe drink some wine?

    (another) Molly

  4. Thanks Molly! yes, wine is a good idea! :) Red or white?