Sunday, November 11, 2012

Howletts autumn walk

Alrighty, I'm back. The absence was due to getting older (I'm now a whopping 40!) and a trip overseas to visit family. Dan bought me a new iphone for my birthday which is probably going to transform (somewhat) my presence online (which is kind of why I've wanted one in the first place). Case in point: today we took a trip to Howletts where I had (and took) the opportunity to play around with Hipstamatic, an app I'm sure is old news to many, but VERY new to me. Just LOOK at that majestic old tree and fall foliage above! 
 the handsome honey badger on his trot
 more luscious fall foliage
 NEW little red river hogs! We had no idea they had arrived and they are already losing their spots! 
the lynx showing off and being prissy all in the same stance

the humble (and always lovely) capybara


  1. definitely, and today was gorgeous!

  2. I love the shoot,simple and feeling so relaxing...