Saturday, February 15, 2014

week 6 in sketches

cattails | cherry blossom | peony | pyracantha | thistle | tigerlily
asparagus | aubergine (eggplant) | banana | passion fruit | pomegranate
artichoke | lemon | lychee | parsimmon | rutabaga
hippopotamus | marmoset | narwhal | otter | (huge) puffin
angler fish | fungi the dingle dolphin | puffin (take II)

So my 'sketch of the day' has turned into something else... quality not quanitity? I have five for this week, but as it turns out it's a lot of sketches in each.  My Facebook Sketch Challenges have been very fruitful indeed, and I'm enjoying them 
(as I hope the participants are) !

What do YOU think? Comments more than welcomed!


  1. Don't want to sound cliché but I really like your use of colour on the veg/plants especially the Cherry Blossom, Artichoke(?) and Swede(?) :)

    1. thanks! it's fun putting the colours on. btw the Swede is a rutabaga ;)