Friday, November 17, 2006

Yum Yum Marinade

Just had to share a personal culinary triumph. We had two tuna steaks in the fridge that needed using, but both of us have gotten tired of how the steaks taste plain (in our context: pan-fried in olive oil with just a bit of black pepper and maybe some garlic). So, I decided to make a marinade this afternoon to soak them in. It came out fantastic, so I thought I'd share. It would possibly be even better for chicken because if anything, it was such a strong flavor that it might have overpowered the fish a bit. I didn't measure anything, but common sense should work. I'll try to estimate what I used.

Blend all and slop all over whatever you are cooking. Leave to marinate for at least 30 minutes. I usually marinate things for two hours or so for maximum flavor. In retrospect, the tuna could have taken a shorter marinating time, but it was perfect for us since we were sick of basic tuna anyhow!

I cut into pieces and served with a rocket and mixed leaf salad very lightly dressed (since the fish was so flavorful) with a lime/olive oil dressing. Yum yum!

If anyone tries this let me know what you think!

*While looking for informative links for my ingredients, I came upon this Eat the Seasons site which is really cool. That's the UK one, but they're meant to be launching a US site soon.

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