Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why Llama? Why Not?

I've been steadily developing a rather bizarre fascination with llamas. This all started a little over a month ago when I discovered a lovely llama that lives at a house on my bus route to work, somewhere near Blean, I think. I always sit on the right-hand side of the upper deck now, in hopes that I will catch a glimpse of who I now refer to as "my llama". It always seems to brighten my day. About a week ago, after our snowstorm, I didn't see the llama in any of his usual places for a couple of days. It made me feel sad, and even worried... had something happened to him? He's since reappeared in his little domain looking relatively content and/or oblivious, sometimes hanging out with a couple of sheep.

In exploring my new-found llama fascination, I came across this fun Blobbiemorpher llama...

...and this insane llama song...

And just think of all of the luxuriously warm and fuzzy things you could make with that llama wool...

If you have llama questions you might want to consult the llamapaedia, which has lots of info. I consulted it to become more educated about llama spitting. I also found LlamaWeb interesting.

Speaking of spitting, if you're bored there's this fun llama game to play, unless you're a big fan of guinea pigs. Please read the disclaimer.

Apparently llamas don't like being touched, not even by other llamas, much less humans. I guess for now I better stick to watching from my bus seat, or buy a stuffed toy to cuddle.


  1. If you love the llamas you should some tv comercials someone made in Argentina few years ago, soo funny.
    Search in you tube: llama que llama

  2. that llama song is catchy!

  3. Ha, I thought you'd like it!

  4. I'm concerned about you!

  5. A little llama never hurt anyone Steph... :D