Sunday, July 10, 2011

Green Progress & Vain Bug

Since repotting my boot fair plants there has been some progress in growth! 

The chile plant has flowered! We will hopefully be seeing some tasty fruit soon. This is the 'normal' chile plant... 
the habanero is growing nicely, but no sign of flowering yet.

The cherry tomato plants have flowered too, and they are a LOT taller than they were when I repotted them.
Oh, and while I was in the garden this bug was just begging to have his photo taken so I indulged him. He was saying something about how great the shadow he was casting was. Man, these garden bugs can be so demanding! 

In other news this weekend:
  •  had a highly successful trip to Ikea where we bought new bedroom curtains, some new bed linens and storage jars
  • sliced my finger open on an unruly refried bean can. Lots of blood, but nothing serious.

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