Saturday, July 16, 2011


Last weekend we went on a shopping trip to Ikea. We were really geeky (and practical!) and were pretty much the first customers through the door. Having the showroom of Ikea pretty much to yourself made the early start worth it. That, and also the free coffee! It was a browsing hour so they said they couldn't charge for coffee, but my croissant and any other food was mysteriously exempt from that arrangement. Not sure... 
Anyway, I haven't been there for years, and it was difficult keeping my blinders on and not buying everything in sight. Sadly, I had no joy in the photo frames section. Despite having LOADS of them they were all in odd European sizes that I thought looked a bit, well, long or tall so I left empty-handed in that deparment. 
We did get some curtains for the bedroom, though (which I desperately needed because I sleep really lightly and the nearly 19 hours of daylight here in the summer has been killing me.
We did get these lovely bed linens too. I just washed them yesterday so grabbed my camera while they were hanging on the line. I know it's not everyone's idea of exciting, but I'm feeling slightly giddy about having floral sheets. I wanted something a bit more girly than what we have, but Dan wasn't keen on any floral colours (and they weren't that hot anyhow). We found this perfect compromise in basic colours, but a lovely floral pattern. Yay! Can't wait to curl up in them.

Later that same day we popped into our local Habitat which is closing down. Hard to believe they are reducing their chain to internet and a few shops in London. The result, however, is some deep discounting at all the other outlets. I almost bought this lamp last year to help me draw and paint in some real lght in the winter... and I found it again for half price (£9 instead of a not unreasonable for Habitat £18 originally). Must pop in again to see what else I might find before the pickings are too slim.
Off to the day job! 

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  1. Hmm, I've been kinda secretly coveting your lamp, although not so secretly now. :)