Monday, August 04, 2008

Special Presentation, complete with drums

As a complete surprise I found Snoopy Come Home was on TV the other afternoon which threw me headlong into early childhood nostalgia. I distinctly remember rambling on about the Halloween Charlie Brown special in this other blog way back when. Peanuts played a prominent role in my formative years, clearly. What was even more of a pleasant surprise was, after some minimal searching, finding THIS -- the original 1973 CBS Special Presentation Intro to pretty much any TV special of note in my innocent childhood world. I can't believe the memories that flooded back just on hearing and seeing those magical (and ultra 70s) 5 seconds of psychedelic loveliness. Watch and enjoy -- and then watch and enjoy again, and again, and again...


  1. that is a blast from the past!

  2. Now this explains your fasination with VH1s I love the 70s etc shows.

  3. oooohh, I forgot about those shows. Could be, rabbit, could be...