Monday, January 30, 2012

goals of the day

My 3 main goals today were:
  • wake up early to get a head start on creativity - I think 6:30ish is early enough on my day off from the day job, don't you?
  • start, finish and list a new painting - seemed like a tall order, but I did it! Part of my self-imposed rule was that I couldn't just list anything to achieve my goal. I had to actually like the result. Mission accomplished! English Housescape #2 below. Phew!

  • read - somewhere between my first couple of rounds on the painting and taking a shower (I think it must have been about 1), I grabbed my Haruki Murakami (now on page 530 of 1Q84 Book One & Two), cozied up under the covers in bed and read until I felt like dozing off, which I happily did! The only thing about having a cat-nap after reading Murakami is that I'm almost guaranteed to have a freaky dream.  
**felt something** - this was a fall-back goal that was only required if I was feeling like I wasn't going to have any chance of completing the painting goal. As it turns out, that wasn't an issue! The good thing about this fall-back was I was up for felting a bit throughout the day so it felt like I was choosing between two really desirable activities.  
    •  Note to self: give myself a get-out plan with another creative activity in case motivation is lacking in one or unexpected technical hurdles arrive.
Random discovery of the day - If you put a price in your pin description on Pinterest it automatically creates a little corner sash on the pin with the price displayed! So I guess they are all for promoting 'sale' items. I found out by accident because I was mentioning the exorbitant price of this lovely Crystal Bud Chandelier which is indeed gorgeous, but at a daunting cost of $2000! I'll have to sell a lot of paintings to achieve that goal!


  1. Wow - productive day!! I love the painting ... the colours are fabulous ;-)

    I admire morning people ... my head doesn't start working properly until about 11 a.m. so I am filled with awe by people that can be up-and-at-em at 6:30 a.m.!

  2. I like that one

  3. Magpie, this is the secret I am currently discovering. Make no mistake I have NEVER been a morning person! Very far from it! ...but I realised this is something that I have to do to make my life more about what I want, what is important to me. It helps me start my day for me, and then other people can get my work for a bit (for now!) :)

    And thanks Anne! :)